Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Emmys

Dan and I got the opportunity to go to the 61st Emmy Awards on Sunday. We were not allowed to take our camera with us to the theater so we snapped a few pics before we left. It was a VERY long day but an amazing experience :) We were seat fillers so we started our day off by meeting up with the other 200 seat fillers and having an orientation while we ate our lunch at 11am. We then boarded buses that took us to the Nokia Theater in Downtown LA. Once we went through security we were seated in the theater in "talents" seats until they arrived. Dan and I were lucky to be seated up front in the second row. Dan was in Chris O'Donnell's seat and I was in
LL Cool J's seat. The BEST part of sitting in those seats were that ALL the "talent" walked right in front of us :) We saw EVERYONE!!! The whole cast of The Office, 30 Rock, House, and Greys Anatomy. Tracy Morgan sat right in front of us, along with Tina Fey and Drew Barrymore. When the count down came to start the show we noticed our stars coming to claim their seats so we got up and tried shuffling our way through the crowd of talent which were Conan O'Brien Seth McFarrlen, The Blonde from 30 Rock and of course the Chris Odonnel and LL Cool J.
We went out into the hall way with the other seat fillers and waited till the commercial (till we were needed again) While we waited in line a slew of stars walked right by us which included; Chevy Chase, Kevin Clien, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kordashion, Charlie Scheen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and non other then Justin Timberlake :) It was so exciting!!! We then were shuffled back out to the theater during commercial while people went to the rest room, or went back stage to present. I was trying to hurry to my seat while walking behind one of the actresses from How I met your mother, it was difficult cause she had a train and i almost stepped on it several times. Once i was about to head down my aisle to my seat there was Justin Timberlake standing in my way :) I politely said "excuse me" and he responded with "OH sorry excuse me" :) so silly but it was very exciting!! I was seated and within a couple seconds the person came back to their seat and i was out in the hall way again. While waiting for the next commercial the lobby i was in started filling up with stars waiting to get back into the theater; Drew Barrymore Justin Long, The ENTIRE cast of House, Sherly Mclain, Keifer Sutherlin, Sally Field, and more .......
I was then seated in the theater for the rest of the show. I was 2 rows back from Tom Hanks :) And Booth from BONES :) After the show got over the theater was very chaotic so instead of fighting the crowd i stepped back into one of the rows to find Dan, I looked to my right and there stood Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg!!!!!! I just about died :) It was so crazy!!!! Dan soon found me and we slowly made our way out of the theater, we walked on the red carpet right behind Sandra Oh and made our way back to the buses.... PHEW it was a GREAT night!

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