Thursday, January 15, 2009


So for the last week and a half Reagan and i have been taking a 2.6 mile walk everyday, from my house down to starbucks on Via Princessa and Sierra Hwy then back again. It's been so great, we get some fresh air, some serious exercise and of course the treat in the middle (starbucks) :) We even have our new buddy Ethan and his mommy Katherine join us most days for some company. Both babies sleep in the moby wraps while Kath and I chat away, and before we know it we're already home. We are excited for our other 2 girlfriends to have their babies so they can start walking with us as well.
I've NEVER enjoyed excercising before, but this time is so different I'm loving it and can't wait till the next day so we can do it again.
Now lets just hope this will help to get off all that pregnancy weight :)
Oh and did i mention there is a HUGE hill to tackle on this walk :) Thats right!!!
Well wish us luck and prayers to help the motivation and drive to continue.

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Kristi said...

ok I need more info about the moby, where did you buy? What color? any complaints, I just found another one called sleepy wrap.